Cartoon Competition (Closed)

We invite you to participate by submitting a Cartoon created by you based on any of the 5 elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space). We invite cartoons which humorously communicate the theme, by rethinking on the elements of nature in terms of conservation, preservation and recycling. Rethink situations, rethink life, cleanliness, greenary, energy resources and everything else we use day in and day out to keep going. Rethink and depict how respect for the elements of nature can fully give a new lease of life by either going back to nature or going back into the design process as a new paradigm that can affect our world. Cartoonists are invited to interpret the theme as representations through designing of Cartoons.


Nature is the source of all existence on earth. And, in all that we have done for the longest time, we have drawn inspirations from Nature. In many parts of the world, it continues to be so. Be it the designs that manifest themselves in our everyday lives or in the systems that we have developed. Often forgetting that Nature and Humans work best when in symbiosis – that the things we create in inspiration from Nature should help both Human and Nature, rather than destructing one or the other.

The Winning Entries:

1. The winning cartoons will be displayed as an exhibition entitled ‘Design Embedded’ at the National Gallery of Modern Art at Mumbai. We expect the exhibition to travel to other places as part of other events.
2. The winning participants will also be given the 'Certificate of Winning the Cartoon Competition'.


This competition is done in partnership with Cumulus

The Jury and the Judgment Criteria:

The jury will be Cartoonists and professionals in art and design. The names will be announced in due course. For judgment, the jury will use criteria such as creativity, humor, visual communication, presentation, persuasiveness, originality, cleverness, relevance of content and execution

Submission Guidelines:

Entries : up to 5 cartoons per person

Size (hard-copy): A4 (210 X 297 mm ) or A3 (297 X 410)
Size (digital): 300dpi and in dimensions of A4 or roughly 2500 x 3500pixels
Please make sure the resolution is 300 dpi so that it is suitable for printing

Technique: free - can be either hand drawn or digital using any medium

For online Cartoon Submission........>>> Closed

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: mailing it to:
or Call Us at: 022-25767820
or snail mail to:
Cartoons - Nature Embedded

IDC, IIT Bombay
Powai, Mumbai

Submission Dates:

- Deadline for submission: 22nd of January 2018
- Declaration of results: 26th of February 2018